Here's a stat to remember: Over 70% of people say they'd switch from ordering at a company like Starbucks to support local IF it's as convenient.  The problem is that to be as convenient as a company like Starbucks, it takes a lot: With 16,000+ locations in the U.S. alone, Starbucks has an insurmountable scale advantage against any private coffee brand. We bring local coffee together to level the playing field by reducing costs for owners and making it convenient for coffee-lovers to choose local.

What we do for independent shops

We bring local coffee together to lower costs for owners and make it convenient for coffee-lovers to choose local - even when they are away from their neighborhood favorite.

Our payments and loyalty platform makes it turnkey to run a coffee shop so you can focus on creating great experiences for customers and staff.




Why we don't charge subscriptions

On principle, we believe that every penny you spend as a business owner must have a return on that investment to run an efficient business.

Subscriptions are small business killers because they incentivize software companies to maximize costs and make it hard to leave rather than create value for the businesses they serve. 



How we earn money instead

In our model, we bring coffee shops together to create economies of scale that reduce costs and increase revenue for every shop on the platform. We earn a small share of the benefit and invest it back into growing the network. When you grow, we grow.





Core Beliefs

Relationships are king

Loyal customers deserve a more convenient and relationship-oriented ordering experience. Ordering at your shop shouldn't feel transactional.

Subscriptions kill business

We believe that every dollar you spend should have a direct ROI attached to run an efficient business. We don't charge subscriptions. Instead, we give you the tools free and earn a small % on each transaction so that our interests are aligned. When you grow, we grow.

Convenience earns loyalty

Today's customer wants options and convenience. Rather than funneling them to a single point of purchase, make it easy and rewarding to order ahead, from a kiosk, or in person.

This is coffee, not pie

This isn't a zero-sum game. When local coffee is made more convenient as a whole, every small business benefits. As our collective of coffee shops scale, we pass along savings and make it easy to keep coffee lovers loyal to local. 

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