Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Think of joe as a tool for your business. In most markets, your orders will be determined by how well and how frequently you promote the new service to your customers. From there, word of mouth begins to spread and you’ll find that you see your customers more frequently and they generally order more items (30% larger tickets on average).  Furthermore, we allow you to customize how and when you receive orders to fit your business needs. Our service allows you to turn off mobile ordering manually, tailor the hours you can receive orders and offer any version of the menu you prefer. Some of our partners begin with only lattes, drip and americanos until they feel comfortable then expand to a full menu including food. Others offer their entire menu right away and limit the hours they are able to receive orders. Every shop is different, the key is to maximize value for your business and make life easy on the baristas and managers.

Baristas are already juggling a dozen things at any given time. Changing  a process they are comfortable with is the last thing we want to do. We’ve designed the entire experience to be flexible so that using joe integrates into your existing process.  For 99.9% of orders, baristas will only need to tap two buttons and we set the expectation through the app that the customer will receive a notification when their order is ready. We also offer multiple ways to receive alerts that an order has been received so we make sense for businesses of every size.

You pay  the 2.9% credit card processing fee (we use Stripe to process payments) plus an 8% network fee so we can pay the bills. We’ll take care of setting up your account and providing the optimal hardware in 24 hours or less for a low setup fee. Request a demo for details.

We pay for your customers first drink free when the upload $25 or more.

Awesome! We work directly with our partners to prioritize new features and add flexibility to our platform with every update.