Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Joe is built to work in harmony with your existing workflow, give you insight into your queue so you can be more efficient, and take out the unnecessary middle step of punching orders into your POS. As a result, joe allows you to  double your capacity when it’s busy without adding extra baristas or feeling overwhelmed.

Baristas are already juggling a dozen things at any given time. Changing  a process they are comfortable with is the last thing we want to do. We’ve designed the entire experience to be flexible so that using joe integrates into your existing process.  For 99.9% of orders, baristas will only need to tap two buttons and we set the expectation through the app that the customer will receive a notification when their order is ready. We also offer multiple ways to receive alerts that an order has been received so we make sense for businesses of every size.

The all in cost per transaction is 9.3% on average. We’ll take care of setting up your account and providing the optimal hardware in 24 hours or less for a low setup fee.

We provide dedicated account support, unlimited marketing support and promotional dollars to help them grow, and invest our money to drive the loyalty marketing engine through the app that brings customers back into your store more often and encourages them to spend more per transaction.

Awesome! We work directly with our partners to prioritize new features and add flexibility to our platform with every update.